My abuela: gracias for all those incredible moments knitting, handcrafting and planting in your garden. She's dead but I think she has access to a universal soul network of knowledge and can read this.

Mom: thank you for being my assistant, mailwoman, supporter, advisor, proofreader, psychologist, testing subject, and an accomplice of my crazy adventures.

Dad: thank you for teaching me the love for science and nature. He fights for the conservation of wetlands in Colombia and grows trees to plant them all over the city.

R: muchas gracias my love, my supporter, my crazy gringuito always there for me. And your mom and dad, out of this world with their advice and good vibes!

Guille and Vicky: thank you for the selling online advice and for rescuing all those dogs in Colombia!

Lurdes Montilla: thank you for being my always loyal friend, mailwoman, packer, advisor, and assistant in Colombia.

Claudio, Luisfer and Polanco: what would I do without you in those crazy moments?

Mr. Dave: my acrobat and talented friend, I can't thank you enough for everything. If you want to see more about him:

Thanks to MariaE, Darly, Natasha, Xime, Margarita, Reece, and all my friends and family who served as testing subjects. Yes, I don't use animals, just my people :)

Sofi Cat-alina AKA gordita: thank you cookie eater for testing the safety of my water before I drink it.

Miguelito: thank you for all the hair on my clothes and for being the cutest baby in the world. You sweeten my days!

Martin Martinez: thank you for being my hair stylist, groomer, toilette and tape eater and sleep companion. You inspire me to use eco-friendly non toxic materials.